2023 Event Guide

WiDS Central Massachusetts 2023

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm (EST)



The full agenda can be found here.

Parking and Directions

The parking pass below allows you to park in any lot marked visitor, commuter, or employee (no residential student lots).

We have provided three recommended lots, with additional ones listed below where visitor spots are reserved. *Please note, the Park Ave. garage will be closed and unavailable until after 1pm, so plan to park elsewhere.

Please print the 2023 Parking Pass and place it on the dashboard of your vehicle.

This is very important; campus police will ticket cars without a pass. If you arrive at WPI without a pass, please park and proceed to the check-in table at the Rubin Campus Center for a extra parking pass and return to your car to display in the windshield. Classes will be in session and another event is taking place on campus so parking may take some time, please take this into consideration when planning your trip.

The event will take place in the Rubin Campus center (2nd floor). An interactive map of campus can be found here.  Classes will be in session as well as another larger event on campus the day of the event so we recommend arriving early to locate and secure parking.

Suggested Options for Parking

  • West Street Lot (West St, Worcester, MA 01609)
  • Higgins Lot (42.276178, -71.808811) (this is the smaller lot to the right of the Park Ave. Garage (151 Salisbury St, Worcester, MA 01609).
  • Boynton Lot -North (42.274340, -71.805696) across the street from Starbucks, (924 Boynton St, Worcester, MA 01609) the larger lot to the right of Unity Hall, or smaller one to the left).
  • Hackfiled Lot (42.273067052927566, -71.8129025917856) If you type this lot name into google maps it should find a pin that will direct you to this location. 

Additional Options Reserved for Visitors  (Parking Pass Required)

While you may park in any open and non-reserved spot in the lots below, there are also spot specifically reserved for visitors. Parking spaces marked “Visitor Parking Only” are reserved for WPI visitors and guests (please note all visitor signs state permit required).  These spaces are located in the following areas:

  • 2 visitor spaces next to Washburn on the Boynton Hall Service Road
  • 8 visitor spaces in the Boynton Street Lot -North
  • 7 visitor spaces in the West Street Lot
  • 4 Visitor spaces on John Wing Road in front of Higgins House
  • Surface lots adjacent to 60 Prescott Street or the Gateway Parking Garage

Electric Charging Station

WPI has 8 dual electric Chargepoint charging stations, enough to change 16 electric vehicles at one time.  There is no fee for charging.  Three of the dual chargers (6 parking spaces) are located in the Park Avenue Garage (2 interior near the football field, 1 at exterior entrance).

If you are in need of accessible parking, please let us know as soon as possible so that parking arrangements can be made.


Direction to Meeting Rooms in Rubin Campus Center

Please see the WPI Campus Map for navigating the walk from the drop-off point to the campus center  (an interactive map is available here).

The event will take place in the Rubin Campus Center (marked as point 19).  

Registration Check-In and WiFI

Registration will open at 12:30 pm. Upon arrival at the Rubin Campus Center, please proceed to the 3rd floor and check-in at the Registration Desk outside the Odeum to receive your name tag.

WiFi information can be found at the registration table. Signs will also be displayed with directions on how to access WPI’s Wi-Fi network throughout the event.


General accessibility

Please consult this interactive map of WPI that highlights accessible locations: parking, ramps, entrances, elevators. If you are in need of accessible parking, please let us know as soon as possible so that parking arrangements can be made. If you believe you will need additional assistance, please email , indicating any additional assistance you may require.

Additional Questions?

Questions about the conference can be directed to widscentralmass@gmail.com